Top 10 Celeb Rings

The top 10 engagement rings Celeb Style:

10: Eva Longoria (from Tony Parker): 500.000celebrities engagement rings

9: Brooke Mueller (from Charlie Sheen): 550.000

8: Camilla Parker Bowles (from Prince Charles): 1.000.000

7: Jennifer Lopez (from Ben Affleck): 1.200.000

6: Katie Holmes (from Tom Cruise): 1.500.000

5: Catherine-Zeta Jones (from Michael Douglas): 2.000.000

4: Jackie Onassis (from mister Onassis): 2.600.000

3: Melanie Knauss (from Donald Trump):

2: Paris Hilton (from Paris Latsis): 4.600.000

1: Beyonce Knowles (from Jay-Z): 5.000.000

But don’t forget that money isn’t everything. You’ll need it for a lot of stuff, but don’t see it as the main factor in your marriage (and therefore wedding ring). Keep it nice and simple, and if you still want to go for a 5 million rock, good luck finding yourself a Jay-Z

by: rings18k


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